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Cocktail Catering

Bitter Bar Cocktail Experience for your events.

A cocktail catering service for an exclusive and unforgettable bartending.

Cocktail, Barman and Catering Bitter Bar for

Weddings, Team Building, Corporate or Private Events, Ceremonies.

Flower Decorations

Ceremonies & Weddings

In this kind of events, Bartending’s service is really important and can give you something extra on the most important day of your life. Highly qualified barmans, to offer something really special to your guests who will surely appreciate the choice of Bitter Bar Cocktail Catering.

Corporate Events

Team Building, Inauguration or Party. Companies turning to us to give to theirs guests something extra with certainty of success. We work to find the right proposal with the right style for your identity.



A celebration with your friends or simply a party. Bitter Bar with its unique and unusual cocktails, will surely exceed all expectations. For the most exclusive needs, for your stay in the villa or for small events. Bitter Bar is a high level guarantee and attention to detail, far from banality.


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