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Cocktail Experience

The Concept

A relaxing atmosphere, good jazz, and cocktails. The Bitter Bar opens in the centre of Florence, in the Sant’Ambrogio neighbourhood. The only bar inspired by the 1920s, it will give you a cocktail experience that you’ll have a hard time forgetting.

We are Mehran and Amir.

Bitter Bar is a real laboratory where new mixes of ingredients are created and different techniques are tested: infusions, centrifuges, ageing, smoking and much more.

Here, having a drink is like enjoying a gourmet dish that stimulates taste, smell and sight. Nothing is left to chance to give guests a unique sensory experience.

About Us

Drink Menu

Tailor Made Cocktails For You!

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Via di Mezzo 28r, Firenze

Parking nearby

For a fee:

Via Fiesolana

Underground of Piazza Beccaria & Sant'Ambrogio


Free Parking (in the evening):

Market in Piazza Ghiberti (Sant'Ambrogio)

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Opening Hours

Visit Us

Monday - Saturday: 8pm - 2am
Sunday: Closed

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